23 June 2009

Fortnightly Purse

Head over to the Amoretti website to see the newest edition to the delightful line of clothing!

23 May 2009

Jonathan's Birthday

Our friends, Josiah, Shannon, and Will visited

Violet's first bloody nose!

Papa has some fun.

Annie, embarrassed by the appearance of the cupcakes. But they were really good, so it doesn't matter, right?


The generation shot. Annie's mom (Nana) with her parents and Violet

Violet gets special treatment and something yummy from Nana. Whenever you want a tasty treat, just head over to Nana's lap.

Emma sings, "Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo..." to GG even though it's not her birthday and it is a bit rude.

Just couldn't pass this one up. Violet's walking now and needs a sweat band.

Spring is finally here. Tulips are the best!

Job: Can Opener

See the neat rows and perfect angle of can lids. See the lined up can opener. See our little perfectionist. We love Bea!

More ballet?

Yes! After all, we don't have any little boys at our house. Here are some pictures from Emma and Bea's recital. They love being ballerinas!

Birthday and such

Ah, April! With snow on the lees and...never mind.
Lest we forget, lest we forget

Bea's 4th birthday was a smash! Ballet positions and all.

Bea with all her best friends.

12 March 2009

Emma gets the camera

Occasionally, as I'm uploading the pictures from my camera to the computer, I notice some pretty unusual ones I'm sure I didn't take. Then I know one of the girls has been at photography. This time, it was Emma. Here she is trying to take a picture of herself.

Hmmm, if I just...

Ah, yes, now I've got it!

So this is supposed to be hiding next to the couch, but Emma felt like all should see my knitting!

And no portfolio is complete without a close-up!


Modeling some hats Annie knit.

Modeling the new dress Oma made (complete with hem and sash from Oma's old childhood dress).

Modeling in all the dresses from Oma. Thank you Oma! We're ready for Spring!

Up close and personal

This was taken in February, when we saw signs of spring everywhere and before the big snow hit.

Violet, our little angel.

We love when friends come visiting

Fun with our friend Lily.

We love our Oma and Grandpa! As Bea says, "When Grandpa comes down, he brings us delicious things to eat."

Isn't Jonathan's mom beautiful?

Nothing like a little McDonalds ice cream trip.

Classic McIntosh: pick up closest reading material and get absorbed. We love you both!